Allegories of the fourth world

Excerpt from the video.

Category: VIDEO

Year: 2005            

Duration: 4:27 min

Format: miniDV          

Awarded First Place „2nd young video and film Festival – la 240″,
San José, Costa Rica, 2005

“Allegories of the fourth world” is a system of image-signs that articulates a game between text and image. The game consists in the images abandoning their own referentiality and the meaning is constructed through unexpected associations between words and images.

This work is like a Tarot of images that reflect on the relationships between identity-alterity and between the chance-destiny of the so-called third world.

It is inspired in a “Haiku” that I wrote while I was traveling in Central america and in a lottery card game drawn by kids that I found during the trip as well.

Still from the video. Text translation: The rooster, boozes and boozes, until waking up.
Lottery game card found in Santa Fe, Honduras.