Category: VIDEO

Year: 2006

Duration: 3:27min

Format: miniDV

“Usnavi” is the name some children carry in the Central American Caribbean. The name was taken from U.S. Navy ships anchored in Caribbean ports, which bear the acronym US-NAVY (United States Navy).

Immigration is a constant in human history. Today it seems to be an unstoppable wave for the most stable democracies. Thousands of people migrate to “the promised land” risking their lives in search of better opportunities and a better “quality of life”. While the “first world” closes its borders to the insisten wave of people who rush hard. This wave of immigrants represents a new form of colonization (from the third world to the first world) that is transforming borders, geographies and mental maps.

 Using image as text and text as image, I create a poetic fabric that reflects on this new global condition, where the concept of citizenship and belonging is transformed every day. It is also a reflection of our relationship (attraction and repulsion) with our northern neighbor, the United States of America, by which thousands of Central Americans are fascinated and seduced.