Tales of blindness

Excerpt from the video

Category: VIDEO

Year: 2002

Duration: 6:48 min

Format: mini DV

Awarded Place of Honour, “Inquieta imagen II” Videoart Contest.
San José, Costa Rica, 2002.

In this video I try to playfully recreate a fictional world through which a blind character walks. Martín goes with his walking stick throughout an empty space with mirros. The game of mirrors and its movements creates an ambiguous and changing space where everything  “seems to be”. When Martin goes through the mirror, the world turns around him, distances become relative. Icons from different nature and cultures, like Buda, Christ and Mickey Mouse, create an illusory game that aims to reflect on the way we build today our perception about the sacred and the profane, the “here” and “there” or the own and the strange.