Video (latin: I see)

Excerpt from the video.


Year: 2003

Duration: 20:02 min

Format: mini DV

Language: Spanish

I am interested in researching about the image in its ontological sense. The images as living beings that change with our perception over time. The relationship Image-imagination, Image-memory, image-sign. How is our perception of the world being shaped? And what influence do images have in this process? How much value do we place on them? etc.

In this project I interviewed blind people with the intention of exploring their mental maps. How do they form their perception of things? How do they dream? Do they have images in their dreams and how are they? Their memories, how do they use their memory to orient themselves?, etc. I also asked them to describe their close relatives and themselves to check the world of references they use.

Then, in a stereo-video structure, I made free associations of what they were telling. I did not pretend to illustrate what they said, I was interested in creating a counterpoint between narration and image, trying to find a point beyond my interpretation.

In some situations and images that they described I found a certain purity, as if their way of “seeing” things was decontaminated. But in other situations, for example at the time of describing the ideal of beauty, colors, associations of what is good and bad, etc. it was the opposite. They repeated the same social clichés despite never having seen how they look. In other words they expressed the hegemonic ideas that circulate in society.