Excerpt from the projected video.


Year: 2003

Projection’s Duration: 8 min

Awarded First Place, „Habitart Contemporary Art“, Emerging Artist contest,
San José, Costa Rica 2003

Every day, as we wake up, we start the constant struggle against forces of entropy; the tendence towards chaos that inhabits about everything around us. Thus, the daily domestic labors we do, are part of that energy exchange with our own environment. So the daily hassle we deal with is an attempt to reverse this natural tendency to chaos. Creating order is a way of putting things back into their original state, fantastically said, it’s like travelling through time. Inversion and reversibility are the key concepts that have inspired this work.

About the space

In the space everything is painted in white and serves as a support for the projection of a video. The objects as the furniture has sharp cones that makes impossible to use them. A space that becomes into something absurb because the objects around are useless. It’s seems like everything has been erased or cleaned up. I wanted to create a dimension where everything goes back to the origin and time has stopped.  A trip to the limits of time and space, the dimension where everything seems to be different but is part of the same.